Board Policies

9Mahseh is a not-for-profit 501(C) (3) organization that is designated for Christian retreat.

The Mahseh Center is for use by individual Christians, churches, and Christian organizations for retreat.

The Board of Directors of Mahseh Ministries, Inc. recently approved new policies for 2022. The published rates are considerably below the per night cost of running Mahseh; we wish to make Mahseh available to as many folks as possible. If you are blessed by your stay and can contribute more than the published rates, we will be grateful  for your support of God’s work here.

We have been blessed with strong usage of the Mahseh House all year long. As such, our board of directors has determined to maximize the usage of Mahseh and provide people with a real opportunity to enjoy the facility. We strongly encourage at least a two night stay. The following policies have been adopted:

  1. The rate for a stay at Mahseh for any days Thursday through Sunday afternoon is $70 for single occupancy per room per night and $50 per person per night for more than one person in a room, and there is a $800 minimum amount for the weekend. 
  2. The rate for a stay at Mahseh for any days Sunday evening through Thursday morning is $60 for single occupancy per room per night and $45 per person per night for more than one person in a room with no minimum.
  3. For those guests coming just for the day but not staying overnight, the day rate is $25 per day.
  4. A 50% (up to $300) deposit is required for your booking to be changed from pending to confirmed on the calendar. Deposits must be made within 30 days of Mahseh receiving your registration to stay on the calendar.    Checks should be made out and mailed to:              
    Mahseh Ministries, Inc.
    9902 E  200 S
    Zionsville, IN 46077
  5. No refunds on deposit; if the cancellation is made more than 30 days prior to the reserved date, the deposit can be applied to a future reservation that occurs within 12 months of the original reservation.
  6. No children younger than 12 can be overnight guests at Mahseh, with the exception of nursing babies under 12 months of age.
  7. Check in time is 4PM and check out time is 12 noon. It is possible that earlier check ins and later check outs can be arranged. You need to indicate this desire at the time of submitting your application. We will accommodate these requests to the best of our ability. There is a $15 charge per person for 1/2 day which would be arriving between noon and 4pm or departing between noon and 4pm. There is a $25 per person day rate for ariving before noon or departing after 4pm.
  8. Reservations will not be accepted more than a year in advance and the group staying at Mahseh has first choice fo the same weekend the next year, provided they fill out a registration form and pay their deposit.



Just like every organization in the world, Mahseh has been impacted by and needed to react to current pandemic. In compliance with federal and state mandates, we were closed throughout the “stay in place” orders. Even after those were lifted in early May, we still were unable to host groups because of either meeting size restrictions or because scheduled organizations did not feel comfortable meeting. We will begin hosting again in early June and currently we are booked almost non-stop for the remainder of 2020.

As an organization whose mission it is to deepen the faith of the Christian community we first and foremost have put our trust in the power and guidance of our Lord and His word. As such, we feel it is important to be as open and hospitable to our guests as possible and truly see working at Mahseh as a calling. We also realize that this world is certainly in a fallen state from God’s original design and things like disease are a result of that and common-sense precautions need to be taken to minimize the risk to our guests and our staff. As such the following steps and procedures are in place for the foreseeable future.

(1)   We will adhere to local, state and federal mandates regarding meeting size, stay in place orders and other regulations designed to limit the spread of the virus. Should COVID-19 have a flare up later in the year and this results in limiting groups from meeting we will follow those guidelines. Should that necessitate the closing of Mahseh, all groups that are required to cancel will have their deposits rolled over, without limit regardless of how close to the date of arrival we might be.

(2)   If there are no changes in the regulations, but a group elects to not fulfill its reservation, our normal cancellation policies will be in place.

(3)   We have always prided ourselves with maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness at Mahseh. We have discussed with our cleaning crew some additional procedures (more emphasis on cleaning of common areas, stronger cleansers, etc.), but it must be recognized that the vast majority (some estimates say 95%) of COVID-19 cases are derived from face-to-face meeting and not surface contact. As such, we are expecting our visiting groups to exercise “common sense” precautions when visiting Mahseh.

(a)   You should ensure that everyone in your group is feeling healthy before attending an event at Mahseh. We are not taking temperatures or other screening precautions as people arrive at Mahseh. Given the nature of events at Mahseh (self-organized not sponsored by us) we believe that the groups themselves are in the best position to self-monitor.

(b)   Under the same reasoning above, we are not mandating the use of masks while in attendance at an event at Mahseh. Your group can best conclude the comfort level of this and other procedures while joining us as guests. Should you decide use of masks is required, please ensure your group has masks before you arrive as we do not have masks available for guest use. Our staff will take your que when it comes to wearing masks. If your group will be wearing them, we will as well while interacting with you. If not, we likely will not as well.

(c)   Each guest will be provided with a complete set of linens, including full size towel, hand towel and wash cloth. For conservation purposes we anticipate that you will use your set of linens during your entire stay. There are racks in every bedroom for you to store your linens when not in use. We will have antibacterial soap at each sink with paper towels, but we will not be hanging linens in the bathrooms themselves to prevent “community hand drying”. If you need additional linens at any time, you are free to take them from the second-floor linen closet, but we ask you deposit your used linen in the first-floor laundry room.

(d)   We will not have hand sanitizer available for guest use. We can provide spray bottles with a disinfectant upon request for your use. Frequent handwashing is still the most effective way to ensure that no inadvertent germ transmission occurs.

(e)   We have not in the past, nor are we anticipating we will do any daily cleaning during your stay.

(f)    Our guests will continue to be responsible for their own food preparation and kitchen clean-up as in prior years. This is as much a requirement of the Fulton County Health department as anything related to COVID-19.

(g)   We are not mandating any particular “social distancing” of your groups. Again, we think that is a decision best made by the group itself. You are free to arrange tables and chairs within Mahseh to any configuration that you feel enhances both the learning and social distancing of your group. We would also encourage you to consider using some of our many outdoor spaces for holding group meetings. You are welcome to go anywhere on the Mahseh/Wingerter property to conduct your conversations and meetings. We have 30 portable outdoor chairs available as well as numerous groupings of outdoor furniture.

(4)   Should someone in your group become ill with COVID-19 like symptoms either during or shortly after your stay, we ask that you contact Ron or Rob Wingerter directly so that he can take the appropriate action to either notify the appropriate healthcare agencies and/or take specific precautions with sanitizing the bedroom and common areas where the person may have spent time. We will not ask for a name, but will ask which bedroom the individual was staying in. Fortunately, the Fulton/Pulaski county area has had limited COVID-19 cases so you are not entering a “hot bed” of the virus. Still, in a fallen world there are innate risks we accept everyday we wake. We can only trust in the Lord.

(5)   If you have any questions on any of the above, feel free to talk to Ron or Rob Wingerter. We look forward to your coming. By accepting our terms and conditions on registration you understand and acknowledge acceptance of these policies.