Packing Your Bags


  • Bring an extra layer or two of clothing/ jackets. It’s always a little cooler here than in town with the breeze/wind coming off the lake.
  • Fishing poles and license. 
  • Boat. Due to insurance, Mahseh owns no boats. However you are welcome to bring your own. Fishing can be done from the pier at Mahseh or at various places along the shore.   
  • Swimsuit and extra towels.  
  • Sunscreen, sun glasses, insect repellant (We have a Skeeter Vac that has greatly reduced the annoyance of mosquitoes around Mahseh and the surrounding properties, but if you move out of this limited area, you may be glad you brought that extra protection with you.)
  • Food.
  • Bible.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Camera.
  • If you can, bring your bike. This area offers excellent opportunities for bike riders of all levels. Even the weekend recreational rider will enjoy the 4.2 mile ride around the lake. For the more advanced, numerous lightly traveled county roads and state highways as well as specified bike trails make bike riding a great activity. For more information on routes, contact Mahseh host Ron Wingerter for more information at 812-878-3756