March 1, 2015

Mahseh founders Rob and Debbie Wingerter are available as guest lecturers for visiting groups.  They each bring skills and experience in teaching and lecturing in a variety of settings. For information see Mahseh Lecturers.

February 15, 2014

Mahseh Ministries is pleased to inform you that Mahseh founder and president, Rob Wingerter has published his book on retreat. Regaining Your Spiritual Poise: How Christians Can Regain Balance and Meaning in Their Lives Through the Practice of Retreat and Christian Spirituality deals with personal retreat, the history of such retreat, the whys and the how to's. This book will be a helpfull guide to the individual or small group desiring to set aside time to draw closer to God.  It speaks to the novice as well as to those seasoned in personal retreat.

This topic of personal retreat with God is near and dear to the hearts of all of us here at Mahseh, and we think you will be encourged to try, or continue to practice, this type of retreat.  And if you do, we know God will bless the time you set aside specially to be with Him.

Regaining Your Spiritual Poise can be purchased through Amazon as an e-book, paper back or hardcover. Copies are also available for purchase when you visit the Mahseh House at Lake Bruce.

You have made the Most High your dwelling place - the Most High who is my mahseh (refuge) Psalm 91:9