How Mahseh Does It

Trust in Him at all times, O people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a mahseh (refuge) for us. Psalm 62:8

Retreat with God is the Heartbeat of Mahseh

Although we recognize that the exact  structure and purpose of each retreat or meeting will vary, we anticipate each group we host at Mahseh will be composed of people who  come for the purpose of seeking God:   to know Him or to  better know Him and His love and  to seek His guidance. We believe this comes through Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.  Mahseh exists for study with retreat.  This includes research and/or writing, as well as teaching seminars, administrative staff retreats and planning sessions for Christian churches, groups, ministry teams, pastors, small groups and individuals. Individuals and couples are encouraged to schedule retreat on weekdays during our busiest months of April through November, or schedule a weekend retreat during our quieter months of December through March. This is a great opportunity for time alone.    For time alone with God in prayer, study and worship, Mahseh provides individuals and groups a place and an opportunity, whether that be in the Mahseh house itself or at various places on the grounds. 


What Actually Happens at Mahseh?

Currently, most retreats are set up by the group making the reservation; each group designs, schedules and implements the retreat themselves.  Each and every group or individual is asked to complete a Registration Request Form.  This helps to hold us all accountable to one another, and helps ensure we are all on the same page. For cost information see Board Policies. For available dates see Calendar of Events. We at Mahseh host several theme based retreats a year, open to all interested.  We are developing materials as guidance for individual retreat. 

Who’s in Charge?

Debbie Wingerter is in charge of reservations.  Debbie will be your first contact person if you send an inquiry or an application through the website email.  Debbie is frequently at the Lake on weekends, but resides in Zionsville.  Debbie and her husband, Rob, are the founders of Mahseh Center and may be here to greet you.

If you call the number listed for Mahseh, you will get Ron Wingerter.  He will be happy to answer questions about Mahseh in general, but will direct you back to Debbie for applying and reserving a retreat.  Ron and his wife, Alison, are the hosts and caretakers of Mahseh.  Ron and Alison live in the dark blue cottage next door to Mahseh.  When you arrive at Mahseh they are the ones who will greet you. They are available by phone if needed and are occasionally in and out of the Mahseh house to check on you during your stay.


Bed linens, bath towel, hand towel and washcloth are provided for your use. 


Groups coming for retreat at Mahseh make their own arrangements for food.  Many share the food preparation, some bring a designated “chef”, some go out to eat and others line up a caterer in the area.

General Information

We take great care to respect your privacy as well as your need for quiet, study, prayer and/or solitude.    Expect some minimal coming and going by the Mahseh staff during your stay.   This includes both inside as well as outside.

We often allow groups to make arrangements for early check in and /or late check out.  However, if this is not arranged when you apply, or added prior to your retreat, we will plan for regular check in and check out for your group.   As Mahseh is increasingly visited, we need to plan enough time between groups to adequately prepare the house.  Please refer to Board Policies for times.

No life guard is on duty, so swim at your own risk. 

Lake Bruce is state owned which means you need to plan on having your fishing license with you if you plan to cast your line into the water. Keep in mind Mahseh owns no boats due to insurance considerations, but you are free to bring your own boat, as well as a canoe or kayak.

A campfire will be set up for you upon reqeust.  Metal roasting sticks are available for cooking over the fire, but you will need to bring the marshmallows and the hotdogs!


The tone of Lake Bruce is generally quiet and restful. The Mahseh House is one of approximently 250 houses on the lake.   Next to Mahseh is the home of Ron and Alison, and the  next two homes are owned by Mahseh founders, Rob and Deb.   A channel feeds into the lake at the end of their property.  Many times our two families have friends and families staying in our homes as guests while the Mahseh House is in use for retreat. We encourage our Mahseh guests, as well as our families and personal guests, to enjoy the quiet places not only at Mahseh, but all the grounds north of the Mahseh House as well.  This includes two gazebos, a screened shelter, and numerous chairs and benches tucked into the all kinds of gardens and landscape.

There’s room for everyone!

Practical Considerations